The novel is touched, not vain stimulus. Therefore, the first: the surprise of the story, not equal to man and cordial; Second: the story of surprising, as there are a lot of meaning.

If we can by an ordinary story, see his own meaning, top rolex replica has a great sense of power, can cause widespread sympathy. Fiction is the interpretation of the life, only this explanation to make the novel become the mentor of the society. Only the interpretation to the novel from the vulgar taste. So-called "shady observatory" and the like, its purpose only in exposing ugly, and did not catch the cause of the ugly, can make the reader satisfaction, but not necessarily don't happen things so, cynicism can be laughed out of court.

More bad is that things go whoring after gambling operation,Replica Omega for men in the piao wager, not to pursue the deeper meaning from these experiences, so their words to guide her only bet, and never makes people noble. So I said, we should first choose ordinary story, because it's enough to make us to pay attention to everything, and to explore the hidden truth of everything. With this habit, we can have nothing good to write, and can be exempted from the vulgar taste. Objective fact is a fact, its itself is not novel, meticulous observation of the facts, and then to subjective judgment, is our interpretation of life, is our guide to society, is a novel. For complex and amazing story should be reserved attitude, if we can not find out the inevitable among complex consistently, in a surprise to find out JinQing reasonable explanation,

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