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  • 李寄嵎

國立台灣大學地質科學系暨研究所 技正

    Petrology And Geochemistry Of Layered Alkali Basalts And Tholeiites From Hsihsu, Penghu Islands
    Lithofacies and Evolution Of The Yentunshan Volcano, Penghu Archipelago
    Mafic Granulite Xenoliths From Penghu Islands: Evidence For Basic Lower Crust In SE China Continental Margin
    Genesis Of Neogene Continental Margin Alkali Basalts And Tholeiites In Western Taiwan And The Significance Of High-Pressure Megacrysts And Lherzite Inclusion
    Spatial And Temporal Variations Of Neogene Continental Basalts In Taiwan; Nd And Sr Isotope And Trace Element Constraints (Abstr.)
    臺灣陸上斷層活動性之環境地球化學調查研究(3/5). 西部地區
    Apatite Rare Earth Element Abundances As A Tool To Recognize The Granite Petrogenesis: Applications To Mesozoic Granitic Rocks In S China
    沉積物地球化學分析研究. 九十二年度期末報告
    Radiometric Ages And Petrological And Geochemical Aspects Of Some Late Cretaceous And Paleogene Volcanic Rocks Beneath The Northern Offshore Of Taiwan
    Origin Of REE-Depleted Leucogranites In Chinmen Island, Se Fujian
    The Eruption Age Of Volcanic Ashes In The Wuku Well, Taipei Basin: Constraints On Mineral Chemistry And 40Ar/39Ar Dating