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  • 館藏編號:NTUG010-T700066
  • 題名:岩石地球化學及地球的演化
  • 作者:孫賢鉥
  • 藏品形式:稿本
  • 尺寸:297X210(mm)
  • 簡述:第五講 海島玄武岩及其地幔柱起源
  • 內容:

    6. Chemical geodynamic implications.
     Zindler and Hant(1985), Hofmarn etal (EPSL, 79, 33-45,1986), Sun & McDonough(1989).
     Connection between MORB & OIB: Rb/Cs~80, Ce/Pb~25, Nb/U~50: complimentary to the continental crust. Rehomogenization & fractionation into MORB & OIB sources ~2000 Ma ago.
     Sedimentary recycling can not be dominant mantle evolution processes in the more recent time (≤2000Ma).
        Nb/La of the MORB +OIB source may not be exact complimentary to the continental crust: a Nb-rich reservoir is required. Missing?
     Hong-term isolation (500-2000Ma) of the OIB sources: storage in slow connecting mixing region. Lithospheric delamination? Why not older Archaean lithospheric mantle: too light?!
     No HIMU type plume head!?