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  • 館藏編號:NTUG010-T300002
  • 題名:Igneous Rocks
  • 作者:阮維周
  • 藏品形式:稿本
  • 尺寸:2400X3250(mm)
  • 簡述:General References for Igneous Rocks. P.2
  • 內容:

    General References for Igneous Rocks. P.2 MacDonald, G. A. (1972) Vocalnoes. Prentice-Hall, Inc. New Jersey. Marmo, V. (1971) Granite Petrology and the Granite Problem, Elserier. Moorehouee, W. W. (1959) The Study of Rocks In this Section. Raguin E. (1965) Geology of Granite, trains, by E. H. Kranek and P. R. Eakins, Interscience.