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  • 館藏編號:NTUG010-T600002
  • 題名:準平原的成因
  • 作者:馬廷英
  • 藏品形式:稿本
  • 尺寸:180X250(mm)
  • 作成日期:1966
  • 簡述:Origin of Peneplains, P.1
  • 內容:

    "Origin of Peneplains, P.1
    Ting-Ying H. MA
    With 4 plates
    National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, China
    After recognizing that geological structures, topographical features, alterations of sedimentary facies in the stratigraphical successions both on land and the ocean bottoms, abnormal distribution of palaeoclimatic traces, shifting of geographical and magnetic pole-positions and changes of relative positions of continents in geological behaviors of the Earth: uplift due to shifting of fragmented upper mantle layers and crust to a maximum depth of over 700 km due to the rotation of the Earth and the sudden total displacement of the mantle of 2,900 km thickness due to unbalance stored up buy rotational uplift in wobbling, the writer has recently discovered that peneplains are formed by the interruption of unceasing rotational uplift of fragemented upper mantle layers and crust by the epeirogenic effects of the sudden mantle displacement so that the altitude of each peneplain resulting near the end of epeirogenic movements of a corresponding mantle displacement may be taken as a chronological mark.
    Based on the sequence of epeirogenic movements of the last two mantle displacements, it was possible to trace out the sequence of deposition of the sediments in Taiwan since before the penultimare mantle displacement. The radiometric ages of the last mantle displacement and the end of epeirogenic effects indicated by the marine fossils from the sediments in the determined deposiyional sequence from Taiwan to Japan since before the last mantle displacement agree with the radiometric ages indicated in the sedimentary sequence in Core N-1 from the pelagic bottom of the East Pacific, which indicates the radiometric ages of the last three mantle displacements and of the three ends of the epeirogenic effects. The ages of the ends of epirogenic effects dated from the altitudes of the last three peneplains in Eastern Asia are found to agree with the radiometric by Core N-1.
    The impression for deducing the origin of peneplains were obtained during a geological excursion along the Japan Sea coast under invitation by the Japan Petroleum Resources Exploration Company, Ltd., after the ECAFE Symposium on Petroleum Resources 1965,Tokyo. Thanks from the writer are due to the staff and especially the"